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Guy Wrecks Girlfriend’s Dad’s Truck


Guy Wrecks Girlfriend’s Dad’s Truck!

If there were one and only one way to make your girlfriend’s dad hate you for all of eternity and try to shun you from his daughter, this guy found that way.While this gigantic rock crawling fail has many dramatic elements, perhaps the best is that the guy behind the camera calls it play by play all before it goes down! Listen to the commentary as the camera man says “He’s going to nose dive it and roll it over.”

This is promptly followed by a rollover and a quite upset young man who says “That is not good, you don’t understand… this is her dad’s truck!”As a guy, getting in the good graces of your better half’s father is a huge stress reliever on life. This guy has made some backwards progress, but maybe he’ll be able to figure out how to score some cool points in the future. Perhaps it’s time to go truck shopping…

Red Dodge Hits It Hard At Silver Willow When Competing In The Mud Bog!


Red Dodge Hits It Hard At Silver Willow When Competing In The Mud Bog!

If we had to select one word from the dictionary to describe this Dodge Ram owner, it would probably be “determined.” Regardless of what happens to him, it looks like he won’t be denied in this mud bog!Even though his hood flies open and pieces start to fall off of his truck, there’s no quit in this driver’s game as he blasts through the muddy obstacle with relative ease.We thought for sure that the engine was going to hydro-lock and end the run a lot earlier than it did, but regardless this guy just kept on pushing through.

Check out the run for yourself in the video below as man and machine take on mother nature and nearly make it through to tell about it!

Epic Fourth Of July Truck Jump In The Dunes


Over the Fourth of July weekend, the sand dunes of Silver Lake State Park has seen plenty off road action but this awesome truck jump by Frank Taylor’s GMC is definitely a highlight of the weekend’s action, until proven otherwise.

This GMC Sierra not only has obviously conquered the fear of heights, but it also landed perfectly after what seems to be a 60 ft jump, at least.

Way Cool Mattracks On H2 Hummer Play In Snow, Mud Is The Ultimate Man Toy


Wow, this is a fun vehicle. This H2 Hummer sans wheels is way cool because instead of its tires, it has got four tractor like tracks that lets it travel over and through snow and mud like a genuine tracked vehicle. Of course, this tracked Mattracks H2 Hummer off road king is a vehicle I must own at some point in my life. The only less-than-perfect aspect to this killer modified offroad vehicle is that the four tracks cannot spin independently to pivot a vehicle like a tank’s two tracks can its armored master.

Never Be LATE To School Again… JET-POWERED School Bus!!


Ever been late to school?Well,with this school bus we can most certainly guarantee you will never be late again if you take this jet powered bus to school.The owner has named it “School Time”,this jet powered bus make 42,000 horsepower and reaches speeds in excess of 300 mph.This crazy contraption burns 150 gallons of jet fuel in one pass. Only one word can describe this thing, and that word is INSANE!!

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