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Get A Load Of This Hand Built Gigantic Three Wheeler Trike!


Prepare to feast your eyes on a one of a kind mega trike! We have seen our fair share of monster trucks, but have you ever witness a monster trike? When you first look at the bike it looks like something you would see in a movie, but it was actually made by a man who wanted the most extreme trike and he definitely succeeded. Compared to his insane trike the man looks like a tiny ant, unfortunately we are not given much info on this monstrous bike, but click the video below to check it out in action! You will surely be impressed by this mega build of epic proportions!



Mark Ardito and Tony Prust of Analog Motorcycles have chosen the 1996 Bimota DB3 to bless with their custom wizardry, and here we present you the end result.
This huge project started with a rebuilt Ducati M900 motor by Ducati Milwaukee and custom fabricated subframe, and it just blossomed from there. There are some other additions like custom fabricated exhaust, custom seat pan and hump, custom aluminum tank and custom ISR brake system. And also an Alpina tubeless spoke wheels, Pirelli Diablo Rossa III tires, Rizoma rear sets, new upholstery by Rod’s Designs and Speedy Moto bars. There are other highlights like all-new electrics, a Koso speedometer gauge, a sharp new paint job by Crown Autobody and Keihin FCR Carbs.

Ghost Rider’s Motorcycle in a Supernatural and Transformed Shape


At the Supercar Sunday show, Ghost Rider’s motorcycle was shown in its supernatural and transformed shape. Ghost rider is a supernatural superhero movie in which Johnny Blaze, a stunt motorcyclist, transforms into the vigilante Ghost Rider after selling his soul to the Devil.The chopper was custom built, the power plant is a KTM 525 single cylinder four-stroke engine with no rear or front suspension. It is equipped with rear and front disc brakes. The frame is painted bright silver with dark gray accents and the fiberglass bodywork is amazing! The front looks like a demonic skull and yes, this is a bike from hell!

Check it out!!

Awesome Timeline Motorcycle- MUST SEE! A Ten people Harley!!


Nothing is cooler at Doc’s that the Timeline motorcycle!This motorcycle is one of the coolest custom bikes we have ever seen!It is definitely one of those BIG things that must be seen in the USA!The one who built the Timeline is Steve “Doc” Hopkins.It is actually a 10 person-seven engine bike.Pretty cool, isn’t it?The entire length of this motorcycle is 24 ½ feet.Of course, it is fully functional.We’re almost sure that anyone who gets excited when hearing mean “roars” of a cool engine will like it!

Check it out in the video!

Freeway Wheelie On A Motorcycle Goes Bad – Full Yard Sale!


Freeway Wheelie On A Motorcycle Goes Bad – Full Yard Sale!

When you head out to the highway for a little bit of stunt riding, you understand the risk and take it head on for the love of the thrill.

This time, a rider’s passion gets him in a bit of trouble as he takes a wheelie too far and ends up taking a spill off of the bike with an epic yard sale right in the middle of the highway.

We’re told that the bike slipped into neutral, causing the rider to lose control. Luckily he was wearing a helmet or he might not have walked away from this one!

This guy is a definite trooper when he gets back on the bike and rides off. Check out all of the action in the video below that might just make you cringe.


Rule No.1 Don’t Stop On The Highway


When you drive on the highway you need to follow certain rules, especially if you are in a high speed drive with a superbike. Rule No.1, don’t stop on the highway.During this high speed driving one of the superbikes run out of gas and the driver had to stop, breaking the rule No.1. The bike behind him was going to fast and he didn’t have time to stop so he run right into him. He hit him with such a force that even his shoes fall right of. Both riders walked away from this crash with minor injuries!!

Intense Check It Out !!

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