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Pro Nitrous Camaro Runs THREES


Rickie Smith new Pro Nitrous Chevrolet Camaro runs 3s in the 1/8 mile.  Check out his best run of 3.79 Seconds at 198.61 mph at the Maryland International Raceway in Mechanicsville, MD, just an hour outside of our Nations Capital.

Old Muscle Cars Race GTR! Absolutely Great!


This video is the proof that muscle cars of the 60s, 70s or 80s can still smoke cars that are made today. There is no doubt that Nissan GTR is an amazing piece of car engineering, coupled with the latest safety and traction systems such as traction control and ABS. On the other hand, there are some old builds with a lot of power and multiple races under their belt. The driver invested a pile of money on his GTR, while the old Camaro was built with half the money spent on GTR. Watching the old Camaro cover a quarter mile faster is priceless, isn’t it? What a great race! Hats off to the good old boys for still keeping the cars on the track!

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