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Modern Version of the Pontiac GTO JUDGE!!


This Pontiac GTO is a Camaro-based conversion that brings back the look of the well-known, old 1969 GTO, The Judge. The Chevy Camaro-based Pontiac, painted in Carousel Red, was designed by Trans Am Depot designer, Kevin Morgan. It was designed to honor one of the best muscle cars in the history and we have to say that folks at Trans AHowever, this in not just a Camaro wrapped in a GTO style body kit. Plastic materials, fiberglass and sheet metal have been used to bring back to life this gorgeous classic. It looks aggressive and stylish with the front and rear fascias, the headlights (with HID lightning) are positioned low, and air scoop has been added. We’re sure that years of hard work has paid off because what we see here is a perfect blend of modern technology and classic styling; they pulled it off perfectly!

Check it out!



1969 Chevrolet Camaro with two 427 V8 Engines under the hood!

Can you think of popping the hood of any muscle car and seeing it with two amazing engines. That is what one auto enthusiast found at SEMA – a1969 Chevy Camaro with two 427 engines under the hood. Behind the 427 LS7 is the identical 427 LS7. That means that the firewall is moved back a tiny bit, and each out is delivering a healthy 600 HP.
Each 427 V8 engine has a custom Collies Crankshaft, Special Grind Comp Cam, Forged JE Pistons, Custom Fluidamp Balancers, and also precision assembled with ARP bolts the rear engine has a Level VII RPM Automatic Transmissions 4L60E that is coupled to a modified Corvette Z06/C6 Rear suspension/ Differential and also controlled by a B&M Shifter.

Is This The Fastest Lamborghini In The World?


Is This The Fastest Lamborghini In The World?

A lot of companies have managed to do a whole collection of modifications with anything bearing theLamborghini name, therefore making some of the fastest street cars on the planet.This time, however, we check out a drag ready Lamborghini that puts pretty much every other Lambo to touch four wheels to the ground to shame!With a supercharged v8, this monster heads out to make a few license testing passes at Sydney Dragway and we can’t help but watch in awe as the car blisters down the quarter mile.

Sure, this thing might be a completely converted drag car, but it’s still interesting to watch something showing off the body design of a Lamborghini roll down the track so quickly! What do you think of this incredible drag racer?

World’s Fastest Amphibious Car


The WaterCar Panther is an amazing vehicle. Not only is it an amphibious car, the Panther WaterCar is a vehicle that is awesome at both driving on land and racing through the water. In fact, it is fast and powerful enough in the water that it can do duty as a ski boat easy peasy. And, the other amazing thing about the $155,000 WaterCar by Panther is that the transitions going from land to water and from water to land are absolutely seamless.

“Getting Started” – 33 Exotic & Classic Cars Roar to Life! Every Car You Dreamed Of!


“Getting Started” – 33 Exotic & Classic Cars Roar to Life! Every Car You Dreamed Of!

When it comes to our never dying passion for everything with an engine, there is one thing that we can all relate to and will forever be held constant and that’s the sound of the perfect exhaust note.In this featurette from the folks over at Nitto, we’re given an up close and personal look at the startup sequence of 33 exotic and classic cars and more importantly, the exhaust notes of these beautiful machines.From a 1990 Ferrari F40 to 1965 Ford Mustang and just about everything in between, we’re given a taste of the good life with this auditory adventure.

Check out the collection for yourself in the video below and be sure to crank your speakers up because this, ladies and gentlemen, is about to get good!

What a $65 Million Car Collection Looks Like!


With The Pinnacle Portfolio, RM Auctions promises a cool collection of ultra-rare sports car that is worth $65 million. This 23 car collection has every possible option for wealthy auto collectors to bid on. But, this isn’t just a collection of rare, expensive cars; this is something from the automotive history that should probably be considered as museum showpiece.In the video you’re about to see many excellent pieces like the final production 2005 Ferrari Enzo, first production 2006 Bugatti Veyron, a ’67 Toyota 2000GT in original (unrestored) condition (also the first version to be delivered to the U.S.), the race-ready ’94 Ferrari F40 LM, a fully restored 1971 Lamborghini Miura and others. Talking more and more about the collection will never be as good as taking a look by yourself so, check out the video. Enjoy!

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