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Expensive Yachts Crash Compilation


Expensive Yachts Crash Compilation HD
Rich people can buy a 8M $ super yacht, But they can´t buy skills.

Check out the video below !

10 Most FUTURISTIC Yachts in Development


10 Most FUTURISTIC Yachts in development

Superyachts are designed by the most ambitious engineers who cater for the most demanding clientele - resulting in an industry that is perpetually evolving and leading the way for innovation. When you have more money than you can spend you should buy one of these 10 enormous, ultra luxury, FUTURISTIC super Yachts.

Taboo Wild Concept Yacht


Designed to take on the world, the 90 metre explorer yacht concept Taboo was developed by Gill Schmid Design and Tim Dempers Studio. Both polar and tropical destinations are well within the long-range capabilities of this ice-classed design.

Taboo is capable of carrying a whole host of smaller vessels that would allow her owner to explore the most remote corners of the planet, including a plane, helicopter, submarine and amphibious car, not forgetting a bevy of luxury tenders.

The monochromatic exterior styling features extensive use of one-way glass; giving panoramic views from the owner and VIP suites without compromising on privacy. Accommodation is for 26 guests and 40 crew, but the star of the show is a superyacht swimming pool flanked by aquaria so your guests can literally swim with the fishes.

The Most DANGEROUS Airplane Landings And Take-Offs


SHOCKINGLY DANGEROUS Airplane Take-Offs And Landings

Anyone who has ever flown before has experienced that uneasy, anxious feeling you get when the plane is taking off.  Once the plane reaches altitude those feelings subside only to reappear when it’s time to land.  For some, the anxiety can be almost unbearable.

If you happen to be one of those people, this video might be hard to watch.  Hell, even if you’re someone who loves to fly, this video might cause you to rethink that.  That’s because it is a compilation of some of the scariest airplane take-offs and landings.  After watching this, you’ll be thankful to have both feet planted securely on the ground.

So please take your seat and fasten your seatbelt and make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position before clicking on the video below.

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Dare To Dream - Wild Concept Yacht


This 140 metre airship carrier is every bit as ambitious as its name would suggest. Designed by Monaco-based artist George Lucian, Dare To Dream targets visionary superyacht owners who are equally passionate about flying as they are about yachting. The enormous aft deck dominates this avante-garde design, with a superyacht helipad and circular swimming pool. Guest accommodation is provided on the lower deck, as well as a saloon for enjoying anything from an evening cocktail to a formal meal.

180+MPH On 50' Cat - Key Biscayne Florida


The 50' Catamaran trying to reach it's full Speed at Key Biscayne Florida . 180+Mph is the speed they reached on this video ... Check out the video below !!

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