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This is the biggest private Superyacht every built – Meet the luxurious 134 meter FINCANTIERI SERENE!
We recommend you to lay back on the chair and imagine yourself at the open sea with a glass of wine and a $330.000.000 yacht! Maybe this sounds impossible to you, but it is a real thing for Yuri Scheffler! He is a Russian Vodka Tycoon, if you haven’t heard of him before, and he knows how to enjoy the life. The yacht is named Fincantieri Serene and is one of the largest superyachts in the world.
The yacht is built by the Italian shipyard Fincantieri and it took 4 years of building. This yacht has a beam of 61 feet and is 440 feet long. The Fincantieri Serene has a total capacity of 24 persons that are able to enjoy the inside swimming pool and also all of the other luxury stuffs. But, that is not all. This thing can be used like a storage for a large submarine, and also it can be used like a platform for 2 helicopters! Can you believe this! The decks are decorated with the very best, including outdoor sitting areas, spas, and many other things, and also is clearly modern. Check out the video to see this amazing luxurious yacht!



The Jet Capsule built by Lazzarini is designed as a more intimate option than the typical luxury yacht. The Jet Capsule was the ultimate mini yacht that provides luxury amenities without sacrificing maneuverability and performance on the water. The Italy-based brand now has one-upped themselves with the reveal of this Jet Capsule Reptile.
A faster, lighter, more performance oriented version of the original yacht, this is the perfect vehicle if you want to be out on the water. The Jet Capsule Reptile is packed with a 570 HP llmore MV8 high performance engine, it weighs 1,102 pounds less than the predecessor, and it can reach speeds of up to 50 knots (that is about 58 MPH). The compact water vessel is built from carbon fiber, and it measures in at 24.6 feet long by 11.5 feet wide. This yacht offers a room for 8 to 12 passengers plus the captain of the yacht. Each one of the Reptiles are hand built in Italy, it takes about 9 months to deliver, and you will have to prepare over $280,000.

WOW!!! Ferry CRASHES Onto The SHORE In Turkey!


This ferry has made a dramatic final docking after crashing into land at speed in Turkey. Footage shows the Ostend Spirit heading to the shore, before scraping to a standstill between two boats. The vessel had been retired by its owners, and was coming to rest for the last time at the ship-breaking yard in Aliaga, Turkey, where it will later be taken apart. The ship, formerly known as The Pride of Calais, served as a channel ferry for P&O Ferries, travelling between Dover and Calais for 22 years until 2012. I think this is a cool way to retire a ship, Talk about going out with a BANG!



Meet the Xhibitionist Superyacht – You will want to own this thing!

Well, this next level mega yacht is completely the same what would you expect to see in the impressive collection of Batmobiles of Bruce Wayne.Officially crowned the “supercar of the sea”, exactly this Bat-yacht was accepted by the Swedish team at Gray Design, and he enjoys his open water excursion, and it has everything that a crime fighting superhero would ever need. This yacht measures in at 75 meters and has 8 guest rooms outfitted with shiny monochrome furniture for your family and closest friends to enjoy, a built in solar panels that double as a helipad or concert space, and a rooftop Jacuzzi for popping bottles. And even there is a sports-car showroom together with a matching supercar dubbed the Xhibit G, and that is the perfect thing when you are back on the land. But this will cost you. Gray Design is hoping to charge $25 million for this amazing yacht – just a drop in the bucket for the Bruce Wayne’s of the world.



Meet the MTI ZR48 – 2,700 HP Corvette based carbon fiber Powerplant worth $1.7M!

The 2012 MTI ZR48 is the thing that you are looking for. Pier 57, the powerboat manufacturer is based in Tennessee and recently build this Corvette inspired 2,700 HP monster that reaches the speed of 180 MPH. The MTI ZR48 has a pair of 1,350 HP turbocharged Mercury Marine V8 engines that are strapped into a carbon fiber haul. This powerboat is different in comparison with the others because of its Chevy Corvetteinspired interior and haul.
The custom dash has completely function gauges, shifter and custom ZR1 steering wheel. The custom shifter throttles the two engines and also controls the drive trim. The interior is suede and ultra leather, and has 6 air conditioned seats. The throttle man and driver’s carbon fiber seats has footrests. Check out the video of this beautiful MTI ZR48.

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