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Amazing EUPHORIA 70m Super Yacht


Euphoria is a 70m (230ft) luxurious Super Yacht, which delivers dramatic styling reflecting elegance, motion and grace. The sleek lines and pure shapes of EUPHORIA form a clear outline, which is easily recognizable giving the yacht a radical and unique character. 


Nor-Tech 80 Roadster 3800HP Powerboat


This second hull is a variation of the first 80. An open cockpit design gives the look and feel of a true performance boat and less of a traditional yacht. 

A new 3 cabin floor plan is incorporated below decks. Without the roof and heavy yacht décor materials this second version will come in lighter and faster. This boat is powered by CAT ACERT C32 engines producing 1900HP each. The boat has reached a top speed in the 60 knot range.

The open deck features an abundance of seating and lounging areas such as the "King Size" aft sun lounge.Amidships there is an outdoor entertainment center that also houses a concealed telescoping radar mast.Facing sofas and dining table are located behind the 4 person helm bench seat. The Hi-Performance inspired helm pod houses 2 15" GPS displays.

Below decks skylights within the windshield brighten the salon and galley. Aft are twin guest staterooms each with it's own W.C. and shower. Forward there is an oversized master stateroom complete with a lounge, computer workstation large closet etc. Throughout the cabins you find no shortage of hull side "Vista" windows. 

Check it out on the video below !



TOP 20 MOST DANGEROUS AIRPORTS in the WORLD! The Most Incredible and Unbelievable Airports!

The most scary and amazing airports in the World. A compilation you must watch!

The most dangerous and spectacular airports in the World:
⇒ Skiathos Airport (Greece)
⇒ Lukla Airport (Nepal)
⇒ Gustaf III Airport (Saint Barthélemy island)
⇒ Princess Juliana Airport (Saint Martin)
⇒ Courchevel Airport (France)
⇒ Toncontín Airport (Honduras)
⇒ Paro Airport (Bhutan)
⇒ Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport (Saba island)
⇒ Kangerlussuaq Airport (Greenland)

In this video you will see the most frightening runways in the World.

Are You Ready for the Holidays? Before leaving, if your destination is one of these airports, you should better think twice! If you are afraid of flying maybe this video is not for you, but if you love adventure you will go crazy watching it!
Airports in tropical islands, runways close to cliffs like in the Far Cry game, incredible airports that seem to come more from a video game like GTA: all the unbelievable and absurd places are here!

Put yourself on the road to take the first flight to travel to these places to feel the real adrenaline, far away from the traffic of New York, from a luxury cruise in the Atlantic Ocean, from the opulence of a resort in the Bahamas, from the richness of Dubai, from the extravagance of Hollywood, from the leisure of London, from a relaxing organized trip and away from the monotony of everyday life. This video shows the most dangerous and risky airports where even a little carelessness can cause a plane crash.

Must See! TOP 20 SHIPS in STORM and CRASH


Must See!

Ships in Storm, Monster Waves of The Sea, Crazy Boat Crashes Caught on Camera, Boat accidents, Terrifying Monster Waves, Largest Ships in the World in Rough Seas, Awesome Big Ship Launches and more.

A TOP 20 compilation you must see: sea incidents and near collision, navy ship in extreme ocean storm. ship in storm 90ft waves, cruise ships in heavy wind and crazy Weather situations, Hurricane Sandy devastation, Bermuda cruise ship crash, cruise ship Pacific Sun hit by tropical storm, merchant ship in a storm force 10, ship in big storm and heavy sea, dramatic video of a cruise ship slammed by giant waves, storm ship swept away by ocean big waves , raw video of the world's largest cruise ship, epic waves, monster waves of the sea, Oasis of the Seas, insane storms, big ship almost down by the Tsunami and much more...

Container Ship Sails Straight to Shore By University Football Field


A German-flagged container ship headed straight towards shore and briefly ran aground in Hong Kong on Sunday afternoon (April 6, 2014). The 192.5-meter-long Hansa Constitution was travelling along the busy East Lamma shipping channel when it suddenly veered off course. The Hong Kong Marine Department said the ship's main engine broke down. People familiar with the shipping industry say the captain and Hong Kong maritime authorities decided to the best course of action was to beach the vessel to prevent it from colliding with other ships on the busy shipping channel. The crew dropped anchor at the last minute, making loud screeching noises, to slow Hansa Constitution as it headed straight towards the sea wall outside the University of Hong Kong sports grounds in Pok Fu Lam. The ship ground to a halt at around 15.22 local. It then slowly reversed, as Marine, police and fire services rushed to the site. It was eventually towed free. No one was injured.

700 Ton SHIP FLIPS & Goes Vertical Within Seconds


700 Ton SHIP FLIPS & Goes Vertical Within Seconds!

So apparently, the navy has something called Floating Instrument Platform, which is an open ocean research vessel and it can shift from a horizontal to a vertical platform in a relatively short period of time. It`s over 350 feet long when it`s horizontal, but when the ship flips and it goes vertical only 55 feet are above the water. The rest is partially filled with water and submerged for research purposes. It has a weight of an incredible 711 tonnes and has a crew of five people, with up to eleven scientific staff. It`s truly a wonder of modern engineering technology and its achievements.

This video depicts the FLIP transforming from a normal, horizontal position, where it can be towed to any location, to a vertical platform that can be anchored and from which scientific tests can be concluded. At first it looks like a ship is sinking, but after a while it becomes clear that it`s actually supposed to do that. The scientists and the crew are really calm and still as it goes up, which wouldn`t be the case in a shipwreck situation. So, this thing operates on the west coast of the United States but it can go anywhere and be self-sustainable. Isn`t that wondrous?


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