Alen Yacht Alen 55

At 55 feet boat becomes a yacht, but Alen 55 should definitely not be underestimated! It has lacquered surfaces, interior made of leather and teak lining. It is appealing to all senses. It can hold eight passengers, both downstairs and upstairs. Upstairs are places for sitting, while downstairs are decks for walks and pleasure. You will have to capture the moment of luxury here. There is hidden anchoring setup, gangway which is hydraulic and sunbed.
Alen 55 runs on two engines from Volvo delivering 800 hp each, which makes sure that Alen 55 can run away even from Miami Vice while cruising at 30 knots and some 35 knot bursts. Dates and price are not known to us, but we are sure that Alen 55 will be much respected wherever it turns out.