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Wiring diagram use standard symbols for wiring devices, usually different from those used on schematic diagrams. The electrical symbols not only show where something is to be installed, but also what type of device is being installed. For example, a surface ceiling light is shown by one symbol, a recessed ceiling light has a different symbol, and a surface fluorescent light has another symbol. Each type of switch has a different symbol and so do the various outlets. There are symbols that show the location of smoke detectors, the doorbell chime, and thermostat. On large projects symbols may be numbered to show, for example, the panel board and circuit to which the device connects, and also to identify which of several types of fixture are to be installed at that location.

A set of wiring diagrams may be required by the electrical inspection authority to approve connection of the residence to the public electrical supply system.

How is a Wiring Diagram Different from a Schematic?

A schematic shows the plan and function for an electrical circuit, but is not concerned with the physical layout of the wires. Wiring diagrams show how the wires are connected and where they should located in the actual device, as well as the physical connections between all the components.

Standard Wiring Diagram Symbols

If a line touching another line has a black dot, it means the lines are connected. When unconnected lines are shown crossing, you’ll see a line hop.

contact no contact

Most symbols used on a wiring diagram look like abstract versions of the real objects they represent. For example, a switch will be a break in the line with a line at an angle to the wire, much like a light switch you can flip on and off. A resistor will be represented with a series of squiggles symbolizing the restriction of current flow. An antenna is a straight line with three small lines branching off at its end, much like a real antenna.


  • Wire, conducts current
  • Fuse, disconnect when current exceeds a certain amount
  • Capacitor, used to store electric charge
  • Toggle Switch, stops the flow of current when open
  • Push Button Switch, momentarily allows current flow when button is pushed in, breaks current when released
  • Battery, stores electric charge and generates a constant voltage
  • Resistor, restricts current flow
  • Ground wire, used for protection
  • Circuit breaker, used to protect a circuit from an overload of current
  • Inductor, a coil that generates a magnetic field
  • Antenna, transmits and receives radio waves
  • Surge protector, used to protect a circuit from a spike in voltage
  • Lamp, generates light when current flows through
  • Diode, allows current to flow in one direction indicated by an arrowhead or triangle on the wire
  • Microphone, converts sound into electrical signal
  • Electrical motor
  • Transformer, changes AC voltage from high to low or vice versa
  • Headphone
  • Thermostat
  • Electrical outlet
  • Junction box

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1734 Ie8c Wiring
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1734 Ie8c Wiring
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1734 Ie8c Wiring


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